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rentals and property management guanacaste costa rica, flamingo beach, potrero beach
rentals and property management guanacaste costa rica, flamingo beach, potrero beach
rentals and property management guanacaste costa rica, flamingo beach, potrero beach rentals and property management guanacaste costa rica, flamingo beach, potrero beach
On the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in the Guanacaste province is one of the most beautiful beach areas in the world. Playa Flamingo is a resort community full of amenities and recreation for all ages. Many of our luxury rentals are secluded yet conveniently located to beaches, restaurants, bars and stores. Whether relaxing or being adventurous, Special Places will help you plan your next vacation.

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Potrero Beach, Flamingo Beach - Guanacaste Costa Rica, Flamingo Marina, Amberes, Las Brisas
Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Flamingo Beach is one of the most pristine and exclusive beach communities in Costa Rica. Gorgeous million dollar homes dot the hillsides overlooking incredible white sand beaches. Flamingo Beach is one of only a few to win the coveted blue flag, an award given to only the finest beaches in Costa Rica. Playa Flamingo and Playa Potrero are located on the Gold Coast of the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. The majestic mountains that surround the ocean bays makes this one of the most beautiful oceanside sites in the world.

Flamingo has been an exclusive North American destination since the 1970’s when many Hollywood superstars called Flamingo home. The immediate area around Flamingo and Potrero offers some of the best ocean view properties anywhere in Costa Rica.

The Flamingo Marina was the first full service marina on the Pacific Coast between Acapulco and Panama. Long known as the sport fishing capital of the gold coast, Flamingo has provided angler access to some of the best sail, marlin and game fishing in the world.

Flamingo offers the visitor or resident access to fine dining, shopping, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, ATV exploration, boating, golf, canopy tours or just soaking up the gold coast rays. Day trips to the rain forest, cloud forests and volcanoes are easily arranged. Flamingo/Potrero is a vacation destination with something for all whether you want loads of activity or desire to do nothing at all, Flamingo Beach is the ideal vacation spot.

Potrero Beach
Horseback riding in Flamingo and Potrero
Flamingo and Potrero Adventures


There are many options for your stay here in Costa Rica. In Brasilito a popular place to go for tasty food, beachfront environment, or even drinks is the Happy Snapper. For another great place on the beach is Don Brasilitos. They have great food and fun night time atmosphere. Illforno serves amazing Italian food. Carlos y Carlos also serves Italian food and international foods. Camaron Dorado (Golden Shrimp) has a great selection of seafood. They will also put a table for you right on the beach so you can enjoy the beautiful Costa Rican sunsets.

In Playa Flamingo there are several options from fine dining to typical Costa Rican foods. To find the best view for sunsets and fine food, Mar y Sol is one of the best restaurants. They serve cuisines from France, Asia, Italy and USA. It was named of the Costa Rica’s top 10 restaurants by Sibarita Travel Magazine. The Monkey Bar, located in the Flamingo Marina Inn, is a great place to go for lunch and dinner. With a great ocean view, you can enjoy swimming in the many pools or relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Angelina’s in Flamingo serves international foods and always has great specials. The Mariner’s Inn serves both Costa Rican and international food. Located after the bridge in Flamingo, this restaurant has great prices and a great view. Marie’s  is another favorite here in  Playa Flamingo if you want to enjoy the best of the Costa Rican dishes. Right on the corner as you are driving into Flamingo Beach, you will run into Pleamar’s. Serving both Costa Rican and International foods, this quaint restaurant on the beach is the perfect place to relax with an ocean view.

If you are residing in Surfside, be sure to check out the Castillo Restaurante. Not only do they serve both Costa Rican and International food but there is also a bakery attached that serves freshly baked breads, cakes, pastries, and much more. The Shack is also a great place tucked away in the Fica trees, they serve anywhere from sushi, to pizza, to Costa Rican foods. This unique restaurant is a place you definitely want to visit if you are in this area. El Coconut is located right on the beach in Surfside. This place is known for his beautiful lawns leading to the beach, large pool, and fantastic food. If you are craving a great burger or Mexican food, then head over to Maxwell’s Café. Originating in Venice Beach, California this place has amazing food, drinks, and a pool table for some friendly competition. La Perla is a local Canadian restaurant and bar offers great hamburgers, ribs, and pizza. If you are craving bocas, seafood, pizza, or typical Costa Rican food, up above the Super Guido in Surfside is the Terraza del Marisco.

If you happen to go to make your way over to Potrero, Las Brisas is a restaurant located right on the beach. This place is perfect to watching the sunset and grabbing dinner or lunch. La Penca is also another tasty place to eat in Potrero. Here you can enjoy typical Costar Rican food and enjoy the Costa Rican music they are always playing. If you are looking for a great place for breakfast, there is a Belgium Bed and Breakfast that is famous for their waffles. Sol y Mar is a restaurant on the way to Prieta Beach that has outstanding typical Costa Rican food. Sugar Beach Hotel is tucked away in the mountains of Costa Rica. If you are looking for good food and seclusion, then be sure to ask for directions to this hidden gem. 

If you want to eat in Tamarindo, there is a wide variety of places. Cala Luna  Sushi Lounge offers appetizers, sushi, and sashimi. This decorative restaurant has specials such as the tuna bowl and eel bowl.  If you are in the mood for surf and turf, then check out El Coconut. The specials are the surf and turf deluxe which includes grilled lobster and filet mignon with garlic butter and mushroom sauce. They always have fresh fish ready for 8 different preparations such as Mediterranean, norweigan marisquero, putta nesca, fresh basil, curry, capers, and garlic butter. For a more romantic setting Carolina’s offers appetizers such as jumbo coconut shrimp and salad bouquet, served with sweet and sour sauce and entrees such as fresh tuna filet grilled in a spicy green curry sauce.

 In Playa Grande Rip Jack Inn has fine dining, ocean view, surfing and even yoga all under one roof! Another great place for breakfast lunch and dinner is The Great Waltini’s located in Hotel Bula. You can enjoy great breakfasts, appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks. Catarana Restaurante in Playa Grande offers a variety of high class international food.

Restaurants Potrero Beach and Flamingo
Restaurants Potrero Beach and Flamingo
Restaurants Potrero Beach and Flamingo


Flamingo Resort has a casino where you can play poker, roll the dice, have a go at Black Jack, roulette and play the slots all night long from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. Have your fun and win some money at the paradise casino.

At the Castillo Restaurant on Saturdays, they hold a karaoke night. They have a wide variety of music to choose from such as rock and roll, country, jazz, alternative, hip hop, blues, pop, and reggae. Come in and be a part of this entertaining night where you can be a star for the night.

For another great karaoke night, be sure to go to La Perla in Surf Side. Every Wednesday, you can participate in a fun and entertaining night while enjoying great food with your friends.

Las Brisas hold a Ladies night on Wednesday. The restaurant turns into a dance floor where there is dancing and sometimes even a bonfire on the beach. Try the salsa or meringue and feel the Costa Rica rhythms as you dance the night away.

If you are going to be in the Tamarindo area, go to Club Agua. They have a large dance floor, a balcony overlooking the street of Tamarindo, and stocked bar. They have different specials for Monday’s, Fridays, and Saturdays. For more information, go to

Depending on your vacation time her in Costa Rica, can also depend on the special local events. In the first few months of the year, there are local rodeos, bull riding, fairs, and many more things. There are also many special local events such as art shows, Mardi Gras, turtle sighting, and many more things to do, however, depending on the season. Be sure to ask our team what is going on while you are living in Costa Rica.

Nightlife Potrero Beach and Flamingo Guanacaste Costa Rica
Nightlife Potrero Beach and Flamingo Guanacaste Costa Rica
Nightlife Potrero Beach and Flamingo Guanacaste Costa Rica


There are also a list of places here in the area that offer masses on the weekends. There are two on Saturday, one in Potrero at 4pm and another in Brasilito at 5:30pm. Sundays there are seven services offered. The services are at Matapalo 8:00am, Cartagena 9:00am and again at 6:30pm, Santa Rosa 9:45am, El llano 11:30am, Santa Ana 3:00pm, Portegolpe 3:00 pm, and Tempate 5:00 pm.

Special Places Of Guanacaste, Costa Rica
rentals and property management guanacaste costa rica, flamingo beach, potrero beach
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